Hello Jaime. I just wanted to thank you again for the excellent work. I was very impressed upon first view, but now that I am soaking it all in I'm really blown away! Some of them are basically perfect, like it never happened! The more I look the more I like, can't thank you enough. Watching was very cool as well, awesome to see the magic happen before my eyes. Thanks again Jaime, and to your wonderful family, all of which have treated me so kindly while in there. Be well and blessings to all of you.

That is beyond amazing. When you said it (the poster) was in bad shape, I had no idea it was sooooo tattered and torn. You must be so proud! What great skills you have. I'll see if I can get you some more work. Happy to pass along your details to clients if they need linen-backing and restoration. Bravo!!!!
Lisa C.

Empire Strikes Back poster arrived today, and I have to say your quality of craftsmanship is mind-blowing. I usually use a guy in Ontario, Canada, and he is really good, but your work is off the charts impressive, WOW.
Ray and Kathy P.

Jaime, I got home from work yesterday and found the PVC tube on my front porch as delivery was estimated. YOU ARE A TRUE ARTIST!!! The poster looks INCREDIBLE!!! Great job! Thank you so much. I'll be in touch again.
Happy Easter!
Kevin C.

Jaime, La Balandra is here!!!! I can only say one thing: WOW!!! You are a true professional. What a beautiful restoration. I can't stop looking at it. It is a beautiful poster and you have restored it to its original beauty.
Thank you very much!!!!

Jaime Mendez is the best restorer I could ever dream of. I cannot understand my collection without his invaluable help. He and his crew are already members of my own family. Working with them is a luxury, and I really feel lucky I met them all. My collection without them wouldn't have been the same ever! Thanks Jaime and crew.
Gerardo Vera
Director of the National Theater
Madrid, Spain

I've tried quite some poster restorers/linenbackers in Europe and the US with very mixed results before I was recommended to you. After seeing the first results of my returned posters I was quite stunned and that hasn't changed since then! I feel very lucky to have found you to take care of my poster restoration needs, that is just for simple quality linenbacking but also for restoration if needed. The best work I can imagine!
Wolfgang Jahn /

I have always found the standard of work by Jaime to be incredible and have yet to receive a poster that I wasn't thrilled with. I send off my less than lovely posters and have them returned looking brilliant, with minimal obvious evidence to the eye of any work being done. The standard of restoration work done is exceptional. The level of service and turnaround is also fantastic, having always been dealt with in a professional and friendly manner.

Every good poster collector needs a partner. To have a really great collection, you need a good poster restorer. This is especially true with horror posters. Perfect posters are very rare in horror collecting. Jaime Mendez has proved to be a very vaulable partner for me. When I see a poster I would love to own, but it has damage, I don't automatically rule it out. I know Jaime and his crew can bring it back to life with their expert restorations. Jaime has worked on many of my best posters and I highly recommend him. Jaime has even worked on posters that other restorers didn't get correct. When it comes to a valuable poster, you definately want it correct. I highly recomend Jaime Mendez.
Jim Gresham

I have used dozens of restorers over the years and I can say - without a doubt - that Jaime Mendez is the very finest in the business. When it comes to preserving and restoring rare movie paper there is no one alive as talented as Jaime. It also doesn't hurt that he's an honest businessman, a true gentleman, and he ships every poster in a package secure enough to survive a nuclear winter!
John Hazelton

Jaime Mendez and his staff do incredible work. Always a pleasant experience. My posters always come back looking fantastic!
David Lieberman /

Some collectors can spend months, even years, looking for something that will fulfill their collectors "wish list." Once that treasure has been discovered, it only makes sense to insure it's given the finest care imaginable. I've been fortunate in my personal quests to locate some of my own "wish list" treasures. I have not hesitated in bringing the crowning jewels in my collection to Jaime. Jaime Mendez is a true artisan and I have the utmost confidence in entrusting my findings to his expert care.
Mark N.

We have been working with Jaime for well over ten years. The standard and quality of his work is consistently faultless. His talent at bringing any damaged poster back to life is almost mystifying and his skill extends way beyond that of simple restoration. A true professional in every sense of the word.
Tony Nourmand & Bruce Marchant
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