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Professional restoration experts are rarely self taught and Jaime Mendez is no exception. He trained for several years with well-known, respected restoration experts before venturing out on his own.

Restorers can work miracles. The challenge of working miracles on items that are brittle and nearly lost is what attracted Jaime to this trade. No matter how poor the condition, he will try to save the item. It is very satisfying to preserve memorabilia for generations to come.

Recently, Jaime was contacted about some posters discovered in an old barn. He flew to Maine and over the course of three days, he and his client carefully removed the posters one by one, boxed them up, and shipped them back to Jaime's shop. One of the posters was seriously sun bleached, and he was able to bring back the color!

For another client, Jaime worked on separating 103 posters that were stuck on top of each other. In the middle of the stack, was an exciting surprise! The rare poster, "The Mummy" was among the posters. Jaime was able to restore it as well as 95 of the other posters. It was later auctioned in London for top dollar.

Avid collectors seek out Jaime for the top quality of his work and his dedication to the preservation of memorabilia. It is important to understand the emotional as well as the monetary value of collectibles. Many of these items have extraordinary social and artistic merit, and a museum quality restoration by Jaime Mendez will preserve them for all time.

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